Tips To Keep Your Job As An Armed Security Guard

January 27, 2016

Many people often feel insecure about their jobs because of the fear of losing the jobs. This is the same situation that an armed security guard might feel at some point in the line of duty. However, in order to succeed it is important to try to fight such thoughts because they can negatively affect the performance of the security guard. Here are some tips that can help you keep your armed security guard jobs.

Remain disciplined at all times

As an armed security guard, it is important to do the right thing always, For instance, if is important to report to work on time, be honest in all your duties and be trustworthy in order to keep your job. Offer assistance to other guards in undertaking their duties whenever they have some difficulties. This will help you develop a good reputation with fellow security officers houston and employers thus develop great desire to retain you.

Have positive attitude towards your job

Positive attitude is crucial in any job because it enhances productivity. As an armed security guard, you should have positive attitude in order for your employer to view you as an asset to the organization. Employers also like employees who demonstrate positive attitude to remain in their organizations and in promotions. Security guard jobs in London

Stick to the job despite challenges

It is good to note that every job has its own challenges and as an armed security guard you also will face challenges. However, the most important thing is to remain strong and hold on to the job. Quitting the job is not a solution because you do not know what challenges you might face even in the other job that you get. Motivation is key in those hard times, so that you can succeed in keeping your armed security guard job.
Guard dogs are another type of security service available. A trained guard dog can hear sounds up to four times further away than humans and can also identify the direction of the sound much faster.
Also guard dogs sense of smell is much more acute, in the region of 50 – 100 times more sensitive than that of a human. Guard dogs provide the best deterrent against criminals, putting up a sign or sound of a dog barking will put off intruders.
If you don’t have or feel the need to have a security guard full-time you could consider hiring a mobile patrol service instead. Using this type of service can save you a large amount of money, though you don’t compromise on security.

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